15 Apr 2023: Sneak-Peek Update

If anyone actually reads what I write here, I wanted to show a bit of my ‘work’, since I am still crunching the numbers and collecting information. Since I made the (poor) decision to go back 50 years in my research, it showed me quickly that that was a LOT of data to go through, organize and make sense of.

My goal is, and continues to be, to publish a book that explains what I had learned throughout this journey, in regards to the veteran community and what these politicians are doing when they propose these bills. Of course, since I have to draw from my own experiences, there’s going to be some bias in there, but I am doing my best to tone that down. I don’t want to influence the reader to believe what I believe, but to gain their opinion from what I publish (and double-checking me with the sources, which I will provide).

So far, I have collected data and organized from the 93rd Congressional Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, to the 111th and what I have seen so far, makes me angry that most have no idea the scale of lies that have been told to the U.S. citizens, for such a long time. I speak ONLY from the topic of VA Committee, but if I were to branch out further, I would only express more anger at how numb we all are, and how blind most remain (currently).

A short snipped of what I currently notice:
From the 93rd, to the 111th Congress on Veterans Affairs:
-172 bills had been proposed to re/name clinics/buildings/hospitals, with 31 of those bills voted into law.
-568 cemetery/burial/memorial/monument-related bills were proposed, with 19 voted into law
NOTE: Any of these bills, so far, benefit the veteran community or their families?
-821 Education-related bills proposed, with 21 voted into laws
-1,516 pension/disability/care-related bills proposed, with 65 voted into law
-343 WWI/WWII/Korean war-related bills proposed and 2 voted into law
-105 adaptive housing/vehicle-related bills proposed, with 6 voted into laws
-14 VA accountability-related bills proposed, with NONE voted into law
NOTE: REREAD the last bullet-point please
-192 life/mortgage insurance-related bills proposed, with 10 voted into law
-179 loan-related bills, with 13 voted into law
-278 VA construction/maintenance-related bills proposed, with 10 voted into law
NOTE: VA had more ‘construction’ bills push through committee and into law, than the WWI/WWII veteran bills, in the same timeframe. Let that sink in for a moment because it will be very important to understand when you realize the committee AND the VA has deliberately avoided specific timeframe-related bills, so veterans could just die away, then attempt to act like they care with bills that, by the time they get moved through committee, would be worthless to the veterans they were supposed to help. Big note, I know, but relative.
-116 Vietnam-related bills, with 2 bills voted into law
-113 Long Term Care Facility/Veteran Home-related bills, with 6 voted into law
-56 Radiation exposure/death/family disease-related, related bills, with 3 voted into law
-55 Herbicide/Agent Orange/Chemical-related bills, with 4 voted into law
-38 Prisoner of War-related bills, with 3 voted into law
-54 Homelessness-related bills, with 6 voted into law
-49 Persian Gulf/Desert Storm-related bills, with NONE voted into law
-8 burn pit/toxic agents/death/exposure-related bills, with NONE voted into law
-59 sexual assault/PTSD/TBI-related bills, with 6 voted into law
-5 veteran suicide-related bills, with 1 voted into law

The 93rd Congress began in 1973 and the 111th was 2009/2010. So this was 37 years of data. Almost 4 decades. Does this show something we should celebrate? If so, you should probably not follow my writings, to include my books. The facts (that’s right, FACTS) show clearly how little these politicians AND the VA care about the veterans who serve in the U.S. Military.

Sad yet? Oh, there is much more to be sad about, but perhaps the data will prompt you to start looking at congress.gov and your representatives. It is public record and there for the reviewing, but only if you take the time to actually research. If you are unhappy with what you see, feel free to burn up the phone lines of your representatives and ask them why it is they failed the veterans in your community. In your states. In your country.

Strangely enough, you have that right to question your representatives because of the nation’s veterans. Let that one sink in.

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