M. LeClair


Mark spent 15.5 years in the Navy and enjoyed an exciting career as a Special Warfare Combatant Craft operator. A couple parachuting accidents put an end to the excitement and led to his teaching career. As an NRA Training Counselor and Instructor, Mark had his own business for many years, where he taught civilians firearms, tactics and safety courses. Mark managed the largest weapons simulation facility in the world, where he taught over 100,000 individuals over a 7 year span, including local, state and federal law enforcement. At last estimate, approximately 130k people, military and law enforcement have attended instruction by Mark.


Mark found writing to be therapeutic and highly enjoyable. Reading all of the recommended ‘How to’ books on screenwriting, Mark has more than a dozen titles written, of which 3 screenplays reached semi-final status and 2 other screenplays reached the quarter final level of the competitions they were entered. Books completed will be available here as they are copyrighted and published.

Titles of books and screenplays include:

  • The Battle After the War: DBG (Book)
  • Untraceable (SC)
  • Visiting Hours (SC)
  • The Confessional Professional (SC)
  • Humphrey Chooses Solitude (SC)
  • Untraceable (SC)
  • Escape (SC)
  • Impenitent (SC)
  • And Action! (SC)
  • Light Communication (SC)
  • Insensible Existence (SC)
  • IE2: Karmakaze Club (SC)
  • IE3: Hell Hath no Fury (SC)
  • Party Area 51 (SC)
  • Sound of Silence (SC)
  • Finding Abigail (SC)