2023: A new year, new motivation

Swooping into 2023 will hopefully allow for new beginnings and swift recovery for those I’ve served with throughout the years. We all have our internal battles we fight daily, some worse than others, and time goes by too fast, that we sometimes forget our brethren we served with.

I’ve been working diligently to compile the data of the Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs information and it’s tiresome and mountainous. Who’ll want to read this book? So why write it?

I’ve embraced the fact that this book won’t be for everyone. As a matter of fact, I don’t truly care if anyone purchases it. So why write it?

I am compiling this data and writing a book about what I’ve tracked. This data showed me important patterns of actions by politicians who are deceitful and dishonest, to say the least. Worst yet, the data shows corruption at the highest of levels and shows how money-hungry these politicians are, by taking ‘donations’ to vote specific ways.

This book will outline pertinent information and my goal is to break it down for the layperson to understand, while also provoking each (if any) reader to research the information I provide, to fact-check the information I am providing.

It’s all public record, yet most ignore/avoid that information because society has groomed us to remain glued to our phones and believe we don’t have time enough to fact check information being flooding into our screens and eyelines, and convinced we should just listen and believe what is told to us.

The choice will be yours to read the information and to garner your own opinion of what is being provided to you. Choice is always yours, for all you hear and see, to dive in and gain the factual information yourselves. The question is: are you still your own person enough to think for yourself, or are you already a lost soul who wants to believe the fairytale poison being funneled to every device you own?

The choice to know will be your own. I am going to provide the data and try to summarize, while attempting to limit the amount of personal bias I have for the deceit and evil I’ve seen, to provide clear and factual information. Choice will always be yours to believe and continue living in a fog, or research and solidify an opinion from verifying factual data that may be unpleasant to stomach.

I leave it up to you.

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