Closing out the 117th Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs

Any veteran who wants to wake to the reality of what our elected officials are doing, while participants on the VA Congressional Committee, merely needs to spend some time noting the bills, who proposes, who cosponsors them, and finally: when these cosponsors jump on.

Next, one should read these bills and note their substance. Keep notes, preferably on an excel document for easier filtering, and soon one will come to the realization that there are numerous bills identical to others already proposed. The difference? Look at the parties who propose said-bills, then look at the cosponsors. Soon the light will brighten above the heads who sadly begin to wake.

You see, as we close out the 117th Congress, the over 550 bills in Committee will die. Some ‘may’ cross over because they were in the process of approvals by the House or Senate, but the majority of these bills will die away (and these politicians know this).

So, why propose bills so late in the game and so close to the congress closing out?

Optics. Plain and simple. Optics.

You see, these politicians will be the first to rush to a camera to brag about ‘how hard’ they worked for the veteran community, yet will avoid admitting they proposed bills specifically to die off. They only wanted to gather their stats to appear pro-veteran. But are they?

Proof is public record. It’s in plain sight and they know this. They just think you will remain asleep and ignorant to what is happening. Even those veterans who wake may think to themselves “there’s no way they are that brazen to screw veterans right under our noses”, thus dismissing yet another 2 years of being screwed over by our elected officials.

How many politicians suddenly rushed to propose bills? Were they bills life-saving to veterans? Were those bills vital? How many rushed to cosponsor bills? Were they Democrat proposed bills or GOP? Does it matter? Oh yes, yes it does matter.

Suddenly, the 117th Congressional Committee on Veterans Affairs gets a flurry of text updates (where they deliberately change the title of the bill…this will make it harder for anyone who is tracking these bills by title), a rush of cosponsorship, and a rush to propose ‘important’ bills (even though they know the committee is closing out in a little over a month).

Notice veteran suicide took a far back seat? Notice veterans, children and now grandchildren of burn pit exposure victims are not mentioned? Notice homeless veterans only get blurbs written about them when a politician wants to rush to a camera and media to boast about their efforts…yet never mention true, researchable and fact-checked sources? Notice Vietnam veterans, who make up the majority of the daily veteran suicide rates, are not spoken about? What about the veteran murders in W. VA?

By flooding the VA committee with Bills, and having a chairman who is a hard-left-leaning veteran himself (ironic how he screws/hates veterans), who will gladly push bills that are replicated, because they were proposed by his party and not the other, blatantly pushes ahead the renaming of clinics over vital bills that could save the lives of countless veterans.

The veteran community is spread thin, with each of us believing we can’t rock the boat because the VA will strip us of our disability ratings. I’ve had my stripped away 4 times and made to redo all of my medical appointments so many times, the final time I told them to “go F**K yourselves. Go ahead and take it all away. I’m done being dragged through the mud and made to justify my injuries over and over again until you (VA) gets a doctor that will do your bidding”. I then hung up and prepared for the screw-fest and I wasn’t disappointed.

If we, as a community, were organized and without bias (ie weren’t pressured by any VSO group that gets paid big money to stifle topics, while claiming they’re fighting for veterans…when they are not), perhaps then the abuse, thievery and targeted attacks would lessen. Perhaps…but doubtful. They like to keep us separated and know that we ‘suck it up’ rather than buck the system, because that was what we were groomed to do in the military.

Sadly, these congressional committees have been doing this for years…with politicians getting ‘donations’ to vote a certain way or to propose certain bills at certain times, just so important bills fell deeper behind the spotlight. Proof is in the public record. One only needs to awaken. It’s not a pretty world. It’s not a happy world…but it is a truthful one and that can help the community to heal and gain appropriate help for them and their families.

Lastly: Ask yourself this: at this very moment, is the veteran community at the top of discussion on U.S. politicians/media etc.?

Do illegals get more attention and sympathy/acceptance?

Does Ukraine get more attention and acceptance (and money)?

Does LBGBTQ+++ get more attention and acceptance?

Does drag queen story hour get more acceptance and attention?

Does child grooming tactics get more acceptance?

One only needs to read the first couple and that should be the spark that prompts investigation. Do your digging and find the truth via facts. They are out there, one merely needs to pursue it.

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