Don’t Be Fooled!

Thanks to the veterans out there who have been doing their due diligence with research and tracking, I’ve received a LOT of information that can/will help the veteran community. Not only will it help veterans, it can/will help those who actually pay attention as well.

How is that?

Since I’ve been on a crusade to help my fellow veterans avoid the mayhem that is my experience with Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS), and Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs), I’ve had the good fortune of linking up with some like-minded veterans who want the same things: Fair and equitable care without the abuse, rejection and stress.

Upon receiving a LOT of information, which I have spent a long time verifying with my own research via reputable sources, I’ve been able to catch patterns and habits from these people who claim to have citizen’s best interests at heart. I’ve found lie after lie, certain tactics that others follow along with, to appear as if they are actually doing something for the citizens/veteran community.

The fact remains that it’s all a show. Sorry to break the illusion but the ‘man behind the curtain’ is rapidly shoving wads of cash into his/her bags marked: stupid, sleeping voter donations!

Most refuse to step up and face the truth. Why? Is it because the truth is scary? Is it because they know the truth they think is reality is nothing but a façade that they keep in place to sate their own inner insecurities? Do they keep going on out of fear of retaliation if they buck the system and wake to the sad reality of what is? Do they believe that it’s too late to make a difference? Or are they just scared?

Those who spend years under the abusive actions from a large government organization, tend to get stronger with the mindset that they have gotten this far with their fight, they are going to see it through (despite their truthful inner voice telling them that they will be retaliated against again and again and …).

When the history books are written, where will your name be? When your time is up, how proud of your actions in this life are you? Whether you believe in a higher power, a Heaven or Hell, or you believe that this experience is the only thing that exists, at some point you will have to face the person in the mirror. I mean really face them.

If your elderly neighbor fell in their driveway, will you go and help them? Would you stop what you were doing to drive them to the hospital, or would you act as if you didn’t see them fall? Would your first thought be to take out your phone and record that person writhing in pain in the driveway? If the latter is your go-to, you are lost…truly lost.

It is apparent that there are powerful politicians in office who pull the strings of those put into seats for the main reasons of numbers (votes) on bills. It’s a big game of chess that these people play, but unfortunately they have been playing it a very long time while many of us have been sleeping. It is because we chose to put faith into the words that were delivered to us by those running for office.

We chose to believe rather than fact-check. Our comfort and ignorance (and avoidance) leads us to a very dark time ahead. Your choice, now, is to wake and research to find the truth, or succumb to the reality that if things proceed down the path they’re going, they will quickly become a casualty.

Why a casualty?

Those who suddenly realize they were wrong in their ‘reality’ and their trust, will scream the victim and demand assistance by those who have been awake. Most will forgive and help their fellow man/woman, but some will not be so forgiving. When the strong survive, the weak disappear. Just like the old adage states: Only the strong survive.

Most do/will not pursue tracking every veteran bill in existence. Most have lives they choose to live with do not include spending hours/days/months pursuing the truths. Many get their ‘truth’ from social media or media itself. These will be those who will get shocked awake, although they probably won’t admit it.

Most of those in DC do not care about you, never mind the nation’s veterans. Do your part and get smart by pursuing the truth. I can’t put it much plainer than that.

Help those who need your help.

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