They want us divided and asleep (but we have a choice to help each other)!

So many capitalize on the desperation of society when they finally see what is going on. For years veterans have been divided and fighting their own battles without the help of others.

Why does this matter?

Divided and alone is where our failed leadership in D.C. wants. They want this because alone, we are easily squashed…but together we are an Army of determined and motivated battle-hard warriors.

If you haven’t seen the animated movie: Ants (0r it may be Antz), I highly suggest renting it and watching it thoroughly. You won’t miss the message, I assure you. The main message is: the colonies of ants are fearful and kept in fear of the grasshoppers each season…until they realize they outnumber the grasshoppers and together they can easily overthrow these evil tyrants.

Sorry, should have given a spoiler-alert. But why is this important?

I share the same story of countless veterans within the U.S. (and around the world, actually), where I’ve had to battle against the evil tyrants that have many tricks up their sleeve to beat me down. This is why so many veterans give up. Some commit suicide to escape it, some just give up fighting for their case because they know the Department of Veterans Affairs will outlive us all!

We’re told that the Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) and Veteran Service Agents (VSAs, those who get certified via the VA to handle veteran claims) will have our backs and we don’t have anything to worry about. We take comfort in that, until we actually see what little is done on our behalf. This depletes trust.

I started off with a great Agent at a VSO, who worked diligently for each veteran, especially those who served in Special Forces/Warfare. He was a great individual who spent much of his waking time battling against the VA. He was forced into retirement.

Then I was assigned another, who didn’t work hard at all. This is when I began to take notice.

Instead of droning on and on, I just wanted to highlight that one could apply this concept of being organized to today’s situation in our world. If we organize and research together, we become stronger. We become educated with facts, rather than propaganda (which is everywhere). We become a force that cannot be easily beat down, or defeated.

This about this:

If someone in the military accidentally exited their base with a classified document, they would be arrested immediately. We, along with every politician and cabinet member who handles classified documents, have to sign an acknowledgement that we understand how to handle classified material. The do’s and don’ts of handling. Then, annual training (again, one must sign the roster acknowledging the training and understanding) is conducted to refresh each person on the do’s and don’ts.

Why are politicians not held to this standard?

In Flint Michigan, their water is poison to the system. It’s been exposed years ago and continues to be an ongoing problem. What’s being done?

Veteran suicide occurs at a rate greater than 22 a day, yet the media has their outlets push other stories to make the public believe the number is much less. Vietnam Veterans are committing suicide more than any other service member/veteran out there and in record numbers…daily…yet what are D.C. ‘leaders’ doing about it?

CDC / NIH et al. have been exposed, over and over again, of the part they have played in stifling the poison jab they are marketing as a COVID shot…while the media continues to help push people to get the shot and for their children to get the shot. Kids now suffer from myocarditis (if they actually survive the shot, that is) and yet no one is batting an eye?

School boards/teachers and community ‘leaders’ push drag queen story times and inappropriate books onto today’s youth. College professors (those who tow the line) and high school teachers help push what would be called cult-like ideas onto impressionable youths and parents today continue to ignore their children, thus allowing these children to ‘drink the juice’ and become bullet-sponges for these ‘leaders’.

Things are not what they seem and if you refuse to do research and continue to watch your nightly news, read your online ‘articles’ from biased propaganda machines, I have zero sympathy for you when reality knocks on your door.

Our current reality is ugly, to say the least, where our youth have no identity and rely on social media / influencers to be the ones to emulate. These influencers crave attention and get paid richly to push what they’re told. Your children soak it all in. You can’t cry the victim when you had/have the choice to be a good parent to your child.

If you choose to actually put in some effort, just do some reading on blood clots related to the COVID shot. Check out the myocarditis rates of children who were vaccinated. Research which news outlets push the Sudden Adult Death syndrome…you know…where adults (who just so happened to receive their COVID shots) suddenly die…without cause. I find it fitting the acronym is SAD. Check out how VAIDS manipulated the data to downplay the deaths and detrimental effects of the shot. Research why D.C. ‘leaders’ are still pushing a vaccination that is STILL not FDA approved and ask yourself why you are being forced into something that the side-effects are not fully known.

Thankfully, on the veteran side of things, I’ve connected with some veterans who have been collecting data for a long time and are willing to share their hard work with me so I can write a book that spells out exactly what is happening. Will many read it? Probably not…but it will be out there for those that wish to receive pure facts without opinions.

I was guilty of being comfortably numb and trusting appointed leaders to do the right thing. I am now awake and diligently doing my research. I wish you good health and safety always.

Just a rant that was necessary after seeing the miles of data that exist on how D.C. does business.

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