At What Point?

At what point do we wake up to the reality that is ‘today’?

As of recent, I have connected with a fellow Special Warfare veteran who compiles information on veteran-related bills that get introduced in the Congress and Senate committees for Veterans Affairs.

This got me thinking: this is important information that we should all know and pay attention to. So I began to start tracking some things myself.

It seems that today, 9 July of 2022, has “Temporarily Banned” me from viewing the Bills. The blank, white page states I am being “RATE LIMITED” and “TEMPORARILY BANNED”. Now, why on Earth would anyone be banned from viewing ANY U.S. Bills? Why would they restrict what Bills, or all Bills, that I wish to read and notate?

Seem odd?

I am one of very few who are beginning to look into these Bills and who introduces them. Why, all of a sudden, would my access be restricted? Why would I be rate restricted (i.e. only allowed to see ‘x’ number of bills)? Seems I may be too close to uncovering the reality that is corruption and cover-up? Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh!

Right now, yes…RIGHT NOW…more and more people are waking up to the reality of being lied to by our government…then realizing we have been lied to for a very long time. That’s a tough reality to embrace…being asleep for so long because we trusted the words that were vomited from the mouths of the politicians we trusted. Tough indeed.

Unfortunately, once awake, it’s hard to not acknowledge the criminal events taking place before our very eyes…by the same people we used to ‘trust’. The same people who kept us asleep and droning on with our lives, paying attention to sparkly things that take our attention off of the reality that is our current, and very detrimental, present.

Would anyone be interested in a long, drawn out book full of boring statistics that can prove how evil our ‘elected leaders’ are? Spelling out each and every move they made to further ensure no one caught them? I would say a big NO to that question because of a couple of reasons:

1-People would then have to admit they have been asleep.

2-People would then have to embrace the reality of those they voted for and the actions they took to ensure veterans did NOT get relief or assistance that they needed.

3-People would then have to try and ignore what they realized, which for many would become too tough of a task…and their happy ignorance is a much ‘safer’ place to live.

Does this mean such a book should not be written?

It will be written. It doesn’t matter if 1 person reads it, or 1 million people read it. Using facts and viewable knowledge that can be immediately fact-checked for accuracy allows this book to shake those in a reality-coma awake and hopefully alert them to the reality that if their government could easily (and often) sacrifice veterans and service members in record numbers, how long before the suits arrive at their house?

That knock you hear? That’s reality waking you up to a situation you cannot ignore, nor can you prepare for said-situations.

Just like in the matrix movies…blue pill or red pill…the choice is yours.

Some of us choose to do things that place our lives at risk for the betterment of mankind.

Some of us WISH we could.

Be the best ‘US’…

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