Do your research!

Every class I have taught in the past, every student heard me say the same thing:

Do NOT believe what anyone tells you. YOU do the research to verify what they said was the truth. Factual information is achieved when you do your due-diligence and research to find the correct answers. This is vital to your safety and security (and the safety of those around you).

This applies to many aspects (if not all) for personal security and safety. If I told you I use ADT services, you may go out and invest in an ADT system and a monthly fee, but you may not be happy about it. You may realize that the specific layout you purchased didn’t really cover your home like you wanted it to, and you THEN research the subject and find one that fits your situation perfectly!

If I told you that I have an 18 camera internal/external security camera setup with IR and internal DVR, and you went out and invested in the same system, but then realized your home would have been fine with 5 total cameras. Do not automatically trust what someone says, especially when it comes down to personal safety and security. Especially when it comes to that.

I’ve seen ‘pros’ who use their status in their profession to gain automatic trust. Why do people automatically trust them? It is because they are relatable and perhaps they’re a great shot with a shotgun on the skeet range. Perhaps they are a smooth talker. As a society, we tend to find and pursue the shortest avenue of travel, which means we will listen and trust, rather than listen and research.

Bottom line with that is: you cannot respawn if a threat were to hide inside your home and surprise you with a flurry of bullets.

Let that sink in.

You may still say: “It never happens here” or “It has never happened, why should I worry about it” etc. That’s blind ignorance. I say that because you know murder exists, correct? You know rapes exist? You know theft exist? Yet you don’t think it’ll happen to you.

Spoiler alert: If it were to happen to you and you weren’t prepared appropriately, you will FOREVER fear it’ll happen again.

Now you may say “Who WOULD be prepared for such an act” and my reply would be: NO ONE WOULD TRULY BE PREPARED FOR SUCH A SURPRISE ATTACK…however, if you were trained, practiced for such situations, your practice would kick in (instead of you freezing in place) and action would be your response. THIS gives you a chance at survival.

See the difference?

If you never practice/train for such situations, your guard is down. If a threat were to jump out of your closet, swinging a knife at you while rushing towards you, what do you think your response would be?

Let me help you: You would freeze for a couple of reasons: 1)fear and 2) because you didn’t train anything into your body as a response to a bad situation.

When I hear someone say “I’ll shoot them dead” or “I’ll beat them up”, I ask “What training have you had”?

“I’ve been hunting my whole life”

“My dad was a cop and he taught me”

“My mom was a Marine and he taught me”

“I took hunter ed”

“I nail my target whenever I get to the range”

To give a statement blindly, is to die surprised. Never assume you’re always going to be faster than the threat. Never assume, but the more you practice, the better you can become…as long as you have the correct training and practice often. There are many techniques that can fine-tune your skills, but practice is necessary. This means at home for situational awareness also.

Sadly, despite my drive and purpose of writing/publishing my book(s), there will always be those who find out the hard way that their knowledge and abilities were lacking. That’s not a day I wish on anyone, but it’s the whole “horse and water” analogy:

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.

I wish you all a safe weekend.

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