Curtains in the home

Curtains matter. For the safety and wellbeing of the occupants inside, AND if you value the items you worked hard to purchase and put inside your home, curtains matter.

Try this: This evening, have your lights on as you normally would. Then, go outside after the sun has set and look at your home from the road. Walk up to your home, up to the window, and try to identify the items inside your home. You may be surprised at what you see.

If you were inside your home and the lights were on, you wouldn’t be able to see anyone standing outside in your yard. If you have curtains, curtains that block anyone’s view from the outside that is, you have a better chance of deterring a criminal from marking your house as his/her next hit.

Now, with that being said, tomorrow during the day, if you were outside your home, you wouldn’t see inside as well. With the sun bright outside and you being outside, it makes it harder to see inside your home. If you haven’t tried this technique yet, I highly advise you try it out.

If you can see items such as: a large television, surround sound stereo speakers, items hanging over the fireplace, an ipad on the couch, etc., then that is exactly what the criminal is going to see.

I am amazed at the amount of people who live around my neighborhood who leave their largest window uncovered. I look right into their homes and can see lots of items a criminal would truly want to steal. What makes these people do this? It’s not for the view, because during the evening hours they cannot see anything outside their windows. Curious.

REAL STORY: During one of my classes, one of the students mentioned she had lace curtains that work well because she couldn’t see outside when it was dark out. I asked her to walk around her house that evening, after the sun went down, and look in her windows. I explained that she may want to rethink lace curtains (or sheer curtains). She later (in another seminar) confided in me that she replaced her curtains AND stopped walking around her house in skimpy attire.

That main thing is this: a criminal could also identify the occupants in the house, their age and possible abilities. If a criminal cases out a home that houses elderly occupants and has really nice stuff decorating the home, that criminal is going to mark that house. Once the criminal is in the inside of the home, no one on the outside will ever know.

From someone who lost a good friend and his wife (and the 1 month old baby in her belly) because they went inside their home while the criminal was hiding inside. They both lost their life when the coward executed them.

Remember: The criminal may not know your home, but they knew where they are. When you enter, you do know your home but you don’t know where they are. Criminals can wait in hiding to attack and that gives them the control.

Action will ALWAYS beat reaction!

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