Head in the sand mentality!

Despite more and more people embracing situational awareness and personal safety, there are still entirely too many people who live with the virus: Head in the Sand! It’s a dangerous virus to have and is one that could easily kill the entire household. I’m sure no one wants to hear that.

What is the Head in the Sand virus?

Head in the sand means the person, or persons, live in denial. They do not believe they need to learn about situational awareness, personal safety, home defense, etc. because it is NOT HAPPENING TO THEM CURRENTLY. Read that again. Then read it again. It is important to embrace.

I’ve heard it myself. When I was training defensive tactics with a firearm and the student would celebrate peppering the target with a flurry of bullets, I would ask them if they’re happy with what they just performed. They would usually say something like “well he’s dead now” or “he ain’t gonna move too fast now” or “it’ll stop him for sure”, but the reality of it is this: was it the first shot or the 20th shot that first impacted the target?

You see, so many people believe they’re tough as nails and ‘ready for a gunfight’ but the reality is, and this is a sad reality, these people are not. As a matter of fact, many of these people who refuse to advance their skills, or even practice a couple times a month, believe because they did ‘well’ at the range the last time they shot, then they’ll always do that good, regardless of the situation. This is a fallacy.

If you don’t train for high-stress situations, how proficient are you going to be when that situation is inside your house? What happens if you come home tonight and as you enter your bedroom to get some comfortable clothes on, as you turn on the light a large, burly stranger is standing there with a machete in their hand? What happens then, John Wayne?

Will you go into defense mode and quickly initiate your active defense plan? No, probably not because you didn’t believe you needed one.

Will you immediately act to cause the threat to divert their action?
No, because you don’t know what that act would entail.

Would you be able to draw and fire your pistol accurately with precision?
Well…let’s see:
-Are you carrying?
-Have you practiced for such situations?
-Is your firearm within reach?
-If you are carrying, have you practiced withdrawing your pistol in stressful situations AND getting your bullets 100% on target?
-Have you practiced for such situations at home (without bullets) and know every inch of your home by steps and distance?

If you answered no, that (hopefully) should shake you awake to the reality of how dangerous it would be for you and your household to be ignorant towards situational awareness and the importance of training your family.

I don’t say this to be hurtful or sound like I know it all, I am the first to admit when I don’t know something and a firm believer that we MUST learn something new daily, otherwise we don’t evolve. I say this because I care and would do anything to help others avoid a dangerous situation. When faced with such a traumatic situation, it will change you forever, but how that change is relies on your action or inaction.

I would rather you don’t end up with the results of a bad situation that so many others do, because they didn’t think they needed to learn home defense information. My book can help you formulate your plan and help you train your family. The choice is yours, but I want to put out one more thing:

As said in my seminars: Being prepared doesn’t mean paranoid.

If you went home tonight and your home was emptied of all of your property, you will forever be paranoid it will happen again, if you were not proactive in your situational awareness.

If you gain the information/knowledge/education and someone empties out your home, you’ll be angry that someone breached your safeguards and do better at fortifying those safeguards.

See the difference?

I’d rather see you angry that someone got around your security, because I know that you will work harder at initiating better security protocols, rather than see you sleepless and with high anxiety because you’re scared to go home because a criminal could be hiding inside.

The answer is easy. Honestly it is, and it begins with you.

Situational Awareness at Home and Personal (in the Gallery)

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