9 April 2022 Motivation for my fellow veterans

Every day is a hurdle for many veterans, myself included. There are times when just getting out of bed seems to be a huge effort, one that I am not sure I am able to achieve. Pain is a constant and it will only get worse as I get older. Seems like doom and gloom, right? That’s because it can be for those who let it consume them and their lives.

Not going to lie, there are days that beat me down pretty hard, and it is those days that I get mentally-aggressive and determined to not let it beat me. This is why I write. I know the TBIs I’ve had are going to eventually take over my life, or what I know of my life, but that doesn’t mean I need to quit and give up on trying to have a decent life.

I’ve always fought for the little guy because I was that little guy for many years. It toughened me up to the reality of taking stock in my abilities and not allowing others to mentally tear me down. We get enough of that dealing with certain government organizations. Having increased memory loss (which the VA denies incessantly) and TBIs (which the VA denies incessantly despite the never-ending proof in medical records), means I adjust my coping abilities and retention options.

I write to keep my brain ‘active’, I do research and other mental activities to strengthen my brain (or at the minimum, maintains current brain status/ability). This is why I write. I know my memory is depleting and my retention is degrading, so I write what I want to see on the big screen and write books of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.

Am I going to get rich writing?

Not at all, but I don’t care about that. I want to leave a legacy behind of positivity and information for those who need it, without breaking their bank. Writing can help in many ways: a journal can help you get your thoughts out there, so you can reflect back on them when you need to. Screenplays can pull out your creativity and show you the magic you can create. Will there ever be a movie made from your screenplay or manuscript? Maybe, maybe not. Who cares.

Main thing is, you must know that you are not alone. We are here, but we are not organized as we should be. This is why the VA and the political hacks in DC are running us into the ground. If we could get organized, we could take back the control needed for our healthcare and disability support.

Without organization, however, we are forever lost and individually fighting a war we can never win.

Let those words stew in your brain for a bit. Let’s motivate each other to be better and to live better lives.

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