The Veteran Community

A fellow veteran has published a fantastic book about PTSD and her experience in the military and law enforcement.

Title: Courageously Broken

Description: “Everyone has a story to tell and scars that won’t heal. This is the story of a young, idealistic teen who leaves a small town and abusive father to join the Navy in a refreshingly down to earth memoir of one woman’s journey of self-discovery. She embraces life with passion and courage, from training and partying with Navy SEALs to skydiving and joining the police force, but when tragic events while serving her country led to years of nightmares, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, she must learn to navigate life through the heartache and tears until the laughter and love return”

There are many who say they support our veterans, but for some, that support equates to donating to a VSO (AMVETS, VFW, AMERICAN LEGION, etc.), while others put in extra effort to make a difference within the veteran community.

If you want to actually support a veteran, pass the word around about her book, buy and read her book and post this information on all of your social media accounts. That helps a veteran in a positive way.

Her site: Courageously Broken can be accessed here (title is linked) or copy/paste:

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