Inner Struggle

So many veterans today continue to struggle with their disabilities. While in the military, we are encouraged (strongly) to ‘suck it up’ and keep pushing ahead when we have an injury. I have/had been guilty of that myself. It was a sign of weakness for me to go to medical, so I avoided it at most costs.

Today, more and more veterans are suffering because of their decisions to avoid medical assistance while they were still active in the military. So now they try to file a claim, but what are they told?

“Claim denied”

“Disabilities are related to aging and not military service”


This story is one repeated numerous time throughout the veteran community. Bills in DC cannot be relied on, because these politicians propose Bills they KNOW they are not going to fight for, but their official website will say differently. These same politicians will use those Bills as ‘proof’ they are working ‘hard for veterans’ while they are in DC, but the facts are not there for them. The average public, however, doesn’t follow up on these things, they only remember what was promised.

Think about Agent Orange Bills…when was the last time you heard anything about those Bills? Yet we have Vietnam Veterans AND THEIR FAMILIES suffering due to the exposure. Why the families? These veterans came home from Vietnam with AO in their system, then they tried to live a normal life and have a family. AO affected their kids, grandchildren and in many cases the great grandchildren.

So where is the outrage for our Vietnam Veterans who suffer from this?

Where is the outrage for their children?

Where is the VA help?

Politicians get a lifetime salary after two terms of over 6 figures AND while serving gain millions of dollars in ‘donations’ and ‘other’ gifts. What is their incentive to actually work hard while in office, other than to bust their humps getting re-elected so they can get that lifetime paycheck? Oh, they also get free healthcare.

Now, I’m a disabled veteran and I get free healthcare…when I can get it, but I’m 100% disabled and had to fight for decades to get that. I don’t receive a 6 figure retirement, matter of fact I don’t get any retirement, just a meager disability check each month…which covers mortgage, utilities and food. How ‘awesome’ is that?

This is not a pity party by any stretch, but it is a wake up call for everyone to understand because we have veterans suffering each day, and we also have active duty folks who have no idea the war they will have to face once they get out.

This was my motivation to publish the book. This is why I continue to fight.

Once our heroes die off, their history, contributions and their stories die with them…and it is because of them that you have the freedoms you currently take for granted. Let that sink in. Pass the word to help the past, present and future veterans, please.

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