REVEAL DAY IS HERE! 1 March 2022

Today is the reveal day for THE BATTLE AFTER the WAR: DBG! An accomplishment that has been in the works for many years!

Why take so long to write the book?

Physical/mental pain can mask the true person inside. It can control that person and create an angry being, mad at so many things. Those in pain tend to have similar patterns with each other:
-Angry because of the pain
-Irritated at others for not understanding the pain
-Disappointed in the reality that your life will never be the same
-Furious at the reality of limitations
-Sad at the thought of ‘who would want to be with me’
-Aggressive towards others because of felt-pain
-Helplessness against the beast known as pain
-Internal struggle to ‘appear normal’ to others
-and many more.

My first attempts at writing anything was angry because I allowed my outside shell drive my words, instead of embracing writing as a mental outlet that was healing in itself. This is why it has taken years to get this story written.

Is it the best story ever?

Probably not, but it was a milestone for me and something I felt could help others. Sometimes, just knowing someone else connects to a story and helps them realize they are definitely not alone, drives further accomplishments in the pursuit to help others.

The screenplays are written for numerous reasons:
-Pay homage to my mates in a career I loved
-Honor my fallen brothers
-Keep my brain active and engaged to slow down the effects from a couple of TBIs
-It’s small victories to finish a good storyline

With my background and experience, I have never been one to do something to try and get rich. I’ve donated courses for the underprivileged, who needed the information but couldn’t afford it. I’ve made myself available to answer any/all questions from all of my students, regardless when they were in the classroom with me. I’ve made it a point to do good things for others, knowing and expecting not to get anything in return.

My future books are brought about from my experience, to help others avoid horrific confrontations, violent intrusions and victimizations. These books are not going to be designed for readers to have to wait for version changes, as many ‘how to’ books are done today.

Quick story that showed me that I definitely did not want to do business as many of these ‘pro’s’ have done:

I purchased a Volume 5 of a certain firearm/tactics instructor. This author is a subject matter expert (SME) on the law enforcement side of the house. He has his own school, he teaches LEOs and others in defensive courses, and is called into court as the SME for shootings. I read Volume 5 of his book.

After reading his book, which was about $26, I set it down and went through what I believe are the pros/cons of the information.
-Good illustrations
-Product displays were current
-Wording was clear

-I didn’t like the price
-The wording was appropriate for other LEOs but not civilians
-Some of the ‘tactics’ were not appropriate or useful
-Readers reading this book were going to be vulnerable to inappropriate tactics/techniques, which could put their life in danger/at risk

Fast forward to Volume 6. I thought that Volume 5 was okay, so I invested in volume 6, at the same price. I was disappointed.

The information and techniques were the same, there were some minor additions to some of the techniques, but overall it was the same information and same book as Volume 5. The big change was…the accessories. The accessories were updated. Who would want to purchase another volume that has the same information, but different accessories? Well, I did unfortunately.

Did I purchase the next volume when it was completed? Nope.

Would I ever purchase another book from this author? Nope.

My point to that story is for whomever reads this update, to understand that if it is published by me, it may be the lone book for that subject, but if there is a separate volume published…you can bet the information inside will be updated and new. Some old information may be included, but only if that information is still applicable in the present. It won’t be repeated just to fill space.

My goal is to publish the following, helpful books:
-Situational Awareness and Protection in the Home
-Situational Awareness and Protection Outside of the Home
-Basic Pistol Marksmanship and Fundamentals
-Pistol Practice and Troubleshooting Techniques
-Defensive Pistol Techniques and Fundamentals

Once the above books are published, my mission will be to focus on manuscripts.

I hope this helps you understand my drive behind my writing and I hope these books help you as they were designed. I price them to be affordable and not outrageous to the consumer(s), because the information comes from a place of wanting to help others.

I would appreciate it if you could pass the word along, if you feel the book(s) is/are beneficial to others. Thank you

I hope you enjoy the books!

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